Archive Thunderbird Mail with One Incredible Backup Program

This tool is just the program to Archive Thunderbird Emails, or even messages from Yahoo, Outlook Live, and Gmail and this tool are Mail Backup X.

With Mail Backup X, you can have a complete Thunderbird Mail archive with all the email programs you are using on Mac. From Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage or Outlook, every single message will be safely stored on your drive or CD/DV or online FTP that can be accessed anytime. This tool is made by Invent Pure and it’s extremely efficient in backing up emails because it was endowed the best features you’ve ever seen.


Feature List Of Mail Backup X:-

  • Complete Thunderbird Mail archive and online emails

It keeps the emails you possess within your Mac device completely safe. You are able to add as many email profiles as you have to originate at Entourage, Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail accounts. Also, all information you have stored will be encrypted so only you can access them. Aside from that, Mail Backup X is able to archive messages from Gmail and Yahoo accounts. This feature is unique and it’s extremely useful when messages disappear from your account or when you delete something by accident.

  • Distribute your backup on multiple drives

Store your backup in multiple places. Besides your drive, it is possible to add various devices and storage units for keeping the data. You can register an external HDD or flash drives for that purpose. The Mac Thunderbird archive program can recognize them when they are connected to your Mac device and the data can be added right away. You can also make DVDs with your emails and keep them on as many disks you need. The advantage of making a distributed Thunderbird mail archive with our software is that data isn’t co-dependent. This means that you are capable of using the emails from one location without the others being available.

  • Choose the time for a new backup update

The program can have a schedule for adding new emails to the archive. You can set the timing whenever is more suitable for you. However, you can also make an incremental backup that adds new messages to the rest of the files instantly as they arrive in your mailbox. The Thunderbird Backup program identifies any change and it automatically updates.

  • Add emails straight from files

Add other emails besides the ones from your current email clients. If you have any Mac mail archive lying around on your drive, you need to make a fast import and you can access those messages without having the program that created them. Next, you’ll see what you can do with these emails.

  • Awesome export function

This feature allows you to export any messages from the backup to any format is needed. This email backup tool acts like a converter in this manner and it’s capable of converting emails into PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, RGE and several other formats you can think of. It also makes PDF archives if you want to store your emails like that and it copies the structure of the mailbox. If you want to print emails, use the printing option straight from the program’s interface.

  • Simple restoration of emails

Entire folders can be restored by the program at once and you will have everything back in no time. You can’t lose anything as long as you have this program on the Mac device. You are also able to restore single emails. The program finds it through the search option and then you preview them before getting them back, to make sure you restore the email that you need.

With Mail Backup X you are guaranteed not to lose your emails again, even if you have problems with corruption, the system fails or your hard crashes. It’s your safest solution for having access to messages from any Mac program and online services alike.


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