Mail Backup X – The Fastest Thunderbird Mail Archiver

Mail Backup X is the fastest Thunderbird Mail Archiver and it can get the job done 40% faster than the others.

This Thunderbird Mail Archiver has some features that you won’t find anywhere else and it keeps everything simple for any user who needs the perfect automatic Thunderbird backup program. It makes a highly compressed backup and it keeps the emails encrypted, so only you can access them. They will be protected against errors, corruption, system malfunction or drive burn out. Without this tool, you risk losing important data, so take advantage of this offer and backup your emails immediately.
Full compatibility

Mail Backup X is the only program that is capable of handling offline and online emails. It supports any IMAP email accounts. It works flawlessly with online platforms like Gmail or Yahoo and it works just as well with offline ones like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

Essentially, for any email program, you are using, this app will make a backup without a problem.

  • Small backup after every change

The program allows you to set up a moment for the backup and it will update it at regular intervals or whenever you prefer. You can also choose to let it detect by itself any changes within your email accounts and update the data right at that moment. It’s completely up to you when the program adds new information.

  • Multiple Backups

It’s practical and more secure to have your backup saved on more than one device or platform. You can add more partitions and other storage units to use them for your emails. Start by registering them and let the program store your emails. Besides the hard drive, you can also use a stick or a portable HDD and the software will detect them each time they are connected to your Mac.

Another option of storing your emails with this program is to burn them on DVDs, which you can do right from this program because you get the ‘Burn’ option. Or, keep the backup on a different server via an FTP connection if that’s best for you.

  • Specific emails restoration

Use the Search&Sort option to find a particular email and preview it to see if it’s the right one. You can export it as any kind of file you want, from RGE, PST, Mbox, EML or PDF and even on paper. Print your emails right from the program’s interface or choose the format you need.

While the functions of this Thunderbird Backup tool may seem quite complex the utensils we developed especially for this software make this automatic Thunderbird backup app not only extremely effective but impressively easy to use. What would normally take 3-4 steps to be done, can be done in one single step. So while a normal backup would take about 5-6 steps with this tool you can be done by clicking about 3 buttons.


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