Thunderbird Email BAckup

A More Efficient Approach to Thunderbird Email Backup

Backup your Thunderbird Email files efficiently with the Mail Backup X

The only way to backup your Thunderbird email files and fully secure them, The Mail Backup X.

The Mail Backup X is the most efficient Thunderbird Email backup tool on the market especially because it focuses on the email backup rather than the full computer backup. This application is able to preserve the metadata of the emails, that means that your emails will stay perfectly intact and all your attachments and other email details will remain linked. Without this feature, the application wouldn’t be able to fully preserve your data because an email isn’t just a simple file with every detail stored in it, it is much more complex and the data is stored within multiple files. This is also the main reason you want this application, by using a general backup application you will lose all the details within the emails (that includes attachments, sender name, formatting and much more).

Incremental Backup

If you choose the Incremental Backup, the application will firstly perform a full backup which will be open for adding more data later. After that, the application will only copy the additional data you added to your email account and it will add it to the existent backup. This option is specially created for those who don’t need an organized backup system and only need a single backup with all their data.

Preview, Search and Restore

Almost all the other application miss this feature, they are only capable of restoring the whole backup at once and not by parts. Restoring a full backup can take a lot of time and it’s not what everybody needs, this is why we added a custom preview window where you can select anything you need to get restored. By making use of the same techniques as the file explorer of the OS X system, the application is able to display the data inside of a backup file in a very intuitive way that will make it seem like you’re just browsing through your computer. In the preview window, you can also search through all your emails, contacts, calendars and attachments and select exactly what you need to be restored so you won’t waste any time or maybe because you don’t want to override some files. You can use this feature at any given time to check your files and it is also great if you want to verify if you didn’t let any emails out of the backup file.

Distributed Backup

But if you choose the Distributed Backup feature, the application will distribute its data on multiple storage devices that you choose. The data will be organized in multiple volumes and each volume is independent of each other. That means if you lose 1 volume or it gets corrupted, you can always use the other volumes to retrieve the data from them. This is extremely efficient for those who want to perform multiple backups and don’t have enough space on 1 storage device. By using this type of backup you can select to split your data across external HDDs, Flash USB storage device or even a phone memory if you connect it to your computer.

By creating this application, the InventPure Company wanted to bring something complex that everybody can rely on to secure their emails but in the same time something that is easy to use so you don’t need a college degree on “email backups“.