Pioneering Email Backup for
Mozilla Thunderbird by InventPure

InventPure released Mail Backup X an essential email Backup for Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook for mac, Gmail, and virtually any other platform.

You no longer have to lose emails when files get corrupted or when you can’t access your Mac. It’s difficult to get them back unless you have the Mail Backup X at hand. It’s an incredible program that’s extremely useful for all Mac users because it manages to make backups of all the emails from Mac mail applications. You’ll have everything safe and email loss will never be a problem to concern you.

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Features Packed in this Mozilla Thunderbird Backup Tool:-

  • Email Backup for Thunderbird, and online platforms Gmail and Yahoo

By backing up emails for Thunderbird you will be able to save files from several platforms including web-based applications like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. You can actually save all the messages from online email apps with IMAP services. You won’t find another program that can do this kind of backup and you are assured to keep all emails secure from any errors.

  • Restoration options

You can restore full folders with messages when something goes wrong in your mailbox. You also have the possibility to restore a particular email that you can’t seem to find anywhere. It’s a simple thing when you have the search function and a great filtering system. The program will give you accurate results which you can preview before restoring them to your account.

  • Email archives as source for the backup

You can add your messages to the backup just by importing files stored on your device. The program supports multiple types of formats, such as PST, RGE, MBOX and others. All the emails stored in these files will be backed up with the rest of your emails and you can access them even without the original program that created them.

  • Email exports with unlimited possibilities

You have this great feature that converts your emails from the backup into any format you want. There is no limit to what you can do with this Thunderbird Backup tool. The messages that are stored as the backup can be exported into any program, in the format you need them to be recognized. You can even more messages from a program into another one or make a PDF archive with all the messages arranged just like a regular mailbox. If you want to have messages on paper, the program has the print feature right there at hand.

  • Backup copies that sync

You can keep your emails even safer by making a mirror backup on another device. You will have all the data available when your Mac has a system failure because the original backup and the copy can be synced at all times.

  • Distributed backup

The Thunderbird Backup program will store the backed up emails on your drive and you can use multiple drives for more space if you need. You have the possibility to add new storage units such as portable HDDs or flash drives, as well as keeping your emails stored on DVDs. You can burn them right with this program and you will have everything safe on as many disks you need.

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This Thunderbird backup tool is extremely efficient and it will save you a lot of trouble. If you already lost emails to corruption, errors or crashes, you know how important it is to have a measure of protection.

You will have all your emails safe and you can restore them at any time. Besides, you have the option of choosing the timing of the backup by setting the day and hour, or you can opt for the auto sync option for automatic updates. Each new email will be saved immediately and you will have a complete email Backup tool for Thunderbird.